We love dressing our grooms and groomsmen in their wedding suits and we’re just delighted to receive photos of this beautiful wedding of Kristie and Alex.

I’ve known Kristie for a while through a customer of H+Co and when she began planning her wedding to fiancé, Alex, she immediately knew who she wanted to dress her groom and his 6 groomsmen.

There was a slight challenge to overcome as the couple live in Japan, though they planned to hold the wedding in Sydney.

And to keep us on our toes even further, the 6 groomsmen were scattered around the globe in such far-flung places as Bangkok, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

We decided to use technology to our advantage and set up a Whatsapp group so we could share ideas for their wedding suits online, after conducting our initial consultation via email.

We used Evernote to prepare ideas and send them to our couple.

Kristie decided on peach dresses for her bridesmaids, and we all agreed a classic grey for the guys’ wedding suits would compliment these perfectly.

Once they were happy with the direction, Alex was able to make a trip to Sydney and came into the showroom with his best man, Leo for a fitting.

We dressed all the guys in elegant charcoal grey Joe Black suits, with a vest for Alex to distinguish the groom from the groomsmen.

Because we dressed this party from our ready-to-wear collection, we were able to leave appointments until just a month before the wedding to avoid any fluctuations in sizing.

For the overseas guys, we arranged for measurements to be taken and sent over to Sydney, and made sure our tailors were on stand-by for any last minute alterations.

We think these boys look incredibly handsome in their wedding suits and certainly did justice this beautiful bride and very stylish wedding.

Distance may not have made this the easiest wedding party we have ever dressed, but we do love a challenge and we are delighted to have been able to facilitate and coordinate the sartorial style for our wonderful couple.

It has been a total pleasure, Kristy and Alex and we wish you every happiness in your lives together.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

Boys – you killed it

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wedding suits at H+Co

The boys look so dapper in their Joe Black suits – and we love the use of the vest to distinguish Alex as the groom.

The full wedding party - groom and groomsmen in Joe Black from H+Co

We just bet the Vaucluse Yacht Club has never looked so dapper

Groom's wedding suits at H+Co

Love that silhouette shot of Alex in his slim-cut Joe Black – such a cool dude, Alex…

Whole wedding party - wedding suits by H+Co

You can always rely on Joe Black suits to stay looking amazing all day long – even while you’re busting some equally amazing moves…
photo finish of groom, alex and his groomsmen
And it’s a photo finish! Kristie, you looked absolutely beautiful and we’re sure you’re proud of your handsome boys…

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