The NRL Footy Show is back on our screens and those faces we’ve missed are looking fantastic in their H + Co suits, even if we do say so ourselves. Dressing the NRL Footy Show team is an absolute pleasure and creating a wardrobe for them that fits to perfection while they are on the show is really important.

When we dress the guys we know that each of them is going to be a different shape and therefore different styles, cuts and fabrics will work better to enhance their shape. Our job is to give people the confidence to wear their suit with pride, no matter their size.

Beau, Paul and Darryl are all great examples of how you can visit H + Co at any shape or size. We’ve been doing this for years and we really understand how to tailor a suit to perfection.

Let us talk you through the process to find out how we work our magic…


Our first client for the day was NRL Footy Show favourite, Beau Ryan. With a background in rugby, Beau certainly has the physique of a rugby player and at over 6ft tall we had his height to contend with too. Now that Beau is a presenter on the NRL Footy Show he’s out of the shorts and into the suits, so looking smart is really important.

First we take each of our client’s measurements. This is essential every time you are fitted for a suit if your body changes regularly, for example if you are going to the gym and bulking up, as this will change your shape and size.

After taking Beau’s measurements, we noted that he is broad at the shoulders but tapered in at the waist, so we picked two brands that cater for this shape perfectly – Gibson, an Australian brand designed in Melbourne, and Joe Black, which is also a firm favourite of the Western Sydney Wanderers.

To create the perfect fit on the bottom half we went for separates in these suits. Beau has a narrow 34-inch waist, but a muscular physique, so we brought the trousers in at the top to allow for comfort over the thighs and legs without creating a baggy silhouette.

Beau looks great in both black navy, and the suits we choose were nicely tapered at the bottom by the cuff to give him a slim, fitted shape.



Paul has hosted The NRL Footy Show from the very beginning and always looks great in a suit, so it was important for us to get his look just right.

Despite being known as ‘Fatty’, Paul is average size and height, so the jacket and trousers are proportional, meaning the jacket is 12cm bigger than the waist and is considered a standard set.

Paul is also wearing one suit from Joe Black and the second from Cambridge & Co., which are two great brands to wear if you are of an average height and build.

Although Paul is a standard shape and size, we always want to make sure each suit looks just as good as the last one. These suits can be worn easily and fit well around two key areas, the shoulders and legs, allowing for plenty of movement.

When the guys are filming for The NRL Footy Show, they could be spending a lot of time sitting down on set, so we need to ensure they are comfortable around the seat and waist. It’s essential that the suits are a really great fit and give the guys the confidence required to be in front of the camera with ease.

NRL-Footy-Show-Paul Vautin wearing H+CO suit


Darryl, or The NRL Footy Show’s ‘Big Marn’ as he is better known, came to us a little bit nervous about his fitting.

At H + Co we cater to all shapes and sizes and we want to make people feel good when they are wearing our suits, so we were excited to put Darryl at ease. Many larger men dress in clothes that are too big which, instead of camouflaging, actually has the opposite effect and emphasises the very parts of the body they are trying to skim over.

We dressed Darryl in separates as they are so versatile and just like tailoring for women, men can be extremely varied in sizes between the top and the bottom halves.

Darryl is wearing a Cambridge & Co. suit, as they go up to a larger size while maintaining the same great fit. Cambridge & Co. has over 150 years of experience in the industry and they have been creating exceptional suits from the very beginning.

The best part about all of these suits is that they can be tailored to fit to your personal proportions. For Darryl we took up the sleeves and shortened the trouser leg, to create a sharp look and a clean shape to the body. Making sure the trousers are exactly the right length and not too long, actually creates a longer silhouette and can be really slimming if you are not tall.

If you don’t want to buy an off the rack suit or you are concerned about off-the-peg collections not having your size, we recommend investing in a made to measure suit. As trained tailors, we can fit a fully customised suit to your specific requirements, so there is no need to worry about whether a brand will stock your size or cater for your particular shape.

If your clothes look good you feel great, so never underestimate this.

Darryl looked fantastic in his Cambridge suit and the sizes fit him perfectly, so we hope that we have instilled him with some confidence about visiting a tailor again. Hopefully H+CO

NRL-Footy-Show-Daryl Brohman wearing H+CO suit

We just loved dressing these guys and we’re really proud to have helped each of them create their signature style.

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