This March, just as we are approaching International Women’s Day, H + Co will be launching an exciting new women’s made-to-measure service.

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” — Yves Saint Laurent


Bespoke tailoring has been the domain of discerning gentlemen for over 200 years, but why shouldn’t women experience that same level of personal service and customisation? Women’s made-to-measure tailoring has made a small appearance in the market of late and at H + Co we’re embracing it whole-heartedly.

The word tailor originates from the French word tailler ‘to cut’. In Latin the word for tailor was sartor, meaning to patch, which is where we get the English word ‘sartorial’. For me, tailoring is the knowledge and skill of creating, cutting and measuring clothes and seeing our customers leaving the store with their made-to-measure suits is a wonderful feeling.

Tailoring has been a skill used since the middle ages, but the modern made-to-measure style we recognise today became popular with the rise of Britain’s Savile Row tailors in London in the late 18th century, which is still known as the ‘golden mile of tailoring’.

In this masculine world of custom-made clothing, which is so clearly still aimed at male figures, where do bespoke suits made for the female body fit in?

Women’s suits have come a long way. From introducing the first pair of trousers in the 20’s – to 80’s power dressing, things have changed. As we brought the shoulder pads down, we’ve brought the style stakes up to create structured, yet feminine styles for the modern woman. Katharine Hepburn led the way for Hollywood by being one of the first women to wear trousers before it was fashionable and from there, over the next few decades, designers such as Andre Courreges and the fashion house Rochas pioneered trouser suits.

Yves Saint Laurent launched their iconic tuxedo suit ‘Le Smoking’ in 1966 showing that women’s suits can be sexy and high fashion too. The suit is still being made and in the same original fabric proving that if you find the right style, it can last forever.


In recent years we have seen the rise in suits becoming more adventurous. Women and designers are playing with colours, fabrics and detailing to make the style easier to wear and softer for the female shape. Jackets can now come with low V’s, high necks and can be worn over the top of shirts, blouses, camisoles or even nothing at all. To get the perfect style, every woman should consider bespoke tailoring when they are looking for a suit that fits them like no other.


At H + Co we understand that each body we dress is different. Our appointments are all about you, your style, your shape and your size, so using our experience we can create a personalised piece of custom tailoring that will fit you to absolute perfection.

Fashion can be fast but we want to slow down the experience and take our time to get the right elegant business or occasion suit for you. Our women’s made-to-measure suits are ready in around 6 weeks, so we can focus on getting them to the level of luxury you would expect.

At H + Co our quintessential old-school service translates to all aspects of our made-to-measure appointments, so you can be sure of receiving the same care and attention that we have been giving to our male customers for years.

Isn’t it time you booked your appointment? Book online, or call us on +61 2 9235 0701 and we’ll reserve your spot.


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