Colour combinations you would never have thought worked

Colour combinations you would never have thought worked

We’re about to say some crazy things about colour but bear with us, we promise it won’t look a unicorn vomited rainbows all over by the end of this blog.

Red & blue

Made popular by the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and other gods of prep, red and blue is a classic colour combination that is fresh and best matched with a 40-foot yacht.

Feeling bold? Pair a navy polo with bright red chino shorts (tapered at the hems) and accessorise with a chocolate coloured belt and matching boat shoes. Ensure the polo has some white trim either at the collar or sleeves to break up the look and hone in one the desired heritage appeal.

The key to styling these bold colours is balancing the saturation. This can be achieved by contrasting a light-blue linen blazer with bright red chinos to bring the blazer to life. White is always a great balancing tool. Styling a highly saturated red blazer with navy chinos and a white collared shirt is a one-way ticket to instant freshness.


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Yellow & orange

Essentially the colours of summer, yellow and orange are sunshine, beach and beers.

Shed the shackles of the working week by embracing something bold for the weekend. Pairing a yellow and orange check shirt with yellow chinos and low-line white canvas lace-ups is an edgy, modern outfit- with the button-up shirt adding just the right amount of dapper sensibility. If you’re not feeling the yellow chinos, turn it down a notch with navy chinos instead.

For those who are slowly wading their way into the colour pool, begin small by adding an orange and yellow pocket square to a navy suit. This look is particularly adept for race day. When it comes to spring weddings, a taupe linen suit matched with a light-blue gingham shirt and a yellow waffle-weave tie is instantly fresh and absurdly happy looking.

Damn paparazzi

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Blue & green

We’ve all got blue and green in our wardrobe, and despite the tired old adage, they should be seen together. An effortless starting point for combining colours, blue and green will add a sense of sophistication and depth to your look.

A quick and easy way to refresh your workwear, try a cobalt-blue, single-breasted suit, a spearmint gingham shirt worn with the top button undone and chestnut brogues to complete the look. Sharp right?

The same shirt can be adapted to the weekend, matched with light-blue linen shorts, tan boat shoes and possibly a beaded wooden bracelet if you’re feeling really laid back.

If you have a smart-casual event to attend or you’re truly embracing casual Friday, a white and blue patterned shirt (look for a mini-geo or mini-floral print) can be paired with an olive green blazer, and taupe chinos. Finishing the look with deep brown brogues will balance out the heaviness of the blazer.

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