Choosing the right suit for the occasion

Choosing the right suit for the occasion


Double breasted or single breasted? Classic cut or slim fit? These are only two of the many questions that boggle the mind when it comes to choosing a suit. With an array of styles and colours to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. To save you looking like you’ve squeezed into your best man suit from the 80’s, here’s a breakdown of what suit to choose for the defining moments in a man’s life.


Business dinner

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Business dinners, bringing corporates together for good food, good wine and semi-awkward conversation (cue more wine). How to make an impression when you’re garnering for that yearly bonus? The first step is having a great suit. One that fits well and exudes polish. With this in mind, we suggest going for a simple yet sophisticated single breasted slim cut. This style portrays you as a man who has a taste for the finer things in life as well as an appreciation for classic luxury, the perfect blend for a business dinner. A deep charcoal is a modern choice, especially when accented with a brightly patterned pocket square for a point of interest. For the classic gent, look for a subtle window pane check. This pattern will add a vintage appeal, setting you up as a Don Draper look-alike.


It’s the big day. The start of the rest of your life with that special someone. Don’t make them regret their decision by presenting yourself in a baggy oversize suit or worse, an outlandishly patterned suit (its not funny.)

White wedding

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You’ve gone the full hog with a horse led carriage and an ice sculpture, so ensure your suit lives up to the special day by opting for a classic three-piece design. We’re talking a dapper black ensemble with a single breasted jacket that is accented with sateen peaked lapels. This can later be removed to reveal an elegantly patterned waistcoat that will still look just as sharp by the 10th speech. Complete the look with a crisp white shirt, a black bow tie and watch your partner’s eyes sparkle with appreciation for the fine gent you are.

Beach wedding

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Saying ‘I do” with the gentle sound of the waves in the background is the perfect opportunity to choose a more casual suiting look. Sandy, neutral tones will tie in perfectly with the surrounds. An open front single breasted jacket and single crease suit pants look effortless with an untucked linen shirt. We’ll leave it up to you whether you choose shoes or not.

Job interview

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You’ve stalked the company Linkedin page and memorised the CEO’s favourite sport, now all you have to do is get the job. Looking the part is a key factor in making a good impression, so choose a suit that symbolises the hard, competent worker you are as well as speaking to your amicable personality. A slim fitting, two-piece charcoal suit is our pick of the bunch. The trousers should have a flat front, a neat fit and skim the topline of your shoes. We suggest opting for a single-breasted suit jacket with a two-button closure (only securing one button during wear), mixing it up with double flap pockets or adding a suave lapel pin that shows attention to detail.

Everday corporate

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This is time to play. You’ve already got the job, we assume your raking in numbers and clients, so why not show off your business prowess with a suit that screams “winning at life?” Mix up your 9-5 with a two trouser suit. Wearing one trouser one week and the other the week after changes up your look and adds longevity to your suit. A subtle sateen finish goes a long way in adding polish to your look. Stick to a single-breasted cut, keeping it contemporary and making it easier to style with patterned shirts. Your suit trousers should either have a flat front or a single crease. Ensure they fit well and aren’t baggy around the crotch or knees, otherwise you can kiss that business deal goodbye. Steer clear of peaked lapels, as they are generally reserved for evening events. We also give you permission to match a different coloured suit jacket with your pants (try a charcoal blazer with taupe coloured trousers) because you work hard, and you’ve earned it.

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