Back on the dating scene? Not sure what to wear?

Unfortunately we live in a world where one in two marriages end in divorce, and after the dust has settled it can be difficult to get the confidence to go back out again and start seeing other people. I know I have advised many guys coming into the store who have been going on their first date after many years, so I thought I would share some tips I have given to them.


When you have been with a partner for a while, dress standards can slip. Not saying that for everyone but for some it definitely can. So if you are back out there dating again you may want to re-assess your wardrobe. But let’s not get too drastic and let’s take one step at a time.

First impressions do count so let’s update a few items in your wardrobe to impress the new lady in your life.

Depending on where you are going, do a bit of research as to what is the dress code. Then see what is appropriate from below.

Trousers – new pair of pants are a first, maybe a new colour in a new fit. When I say new fit, I don’t mean slim fit trousers for everyone, just something comfortable that is in fashion. Even if you are used to pleated trousers, try a regular fitting flat front trousers (no pleats). I suggest Black / Navy / Charcoal, and let’s get something you can use again. Wool / Poly trousers are easy to maintain as they are machine washable but 100% wool are nice in the hotter months.

Shoes – new shoes are a must on a first date.  The ladies eyes will see the shoes and we don’t want scruffy ones. Black shoes are best but if you feel confident wearing brown shoes you can with your Navy / Charcoal trousers. Remember black shoes / black belt and brown shoes / brown belt.

Socks – no white socks please or Simpson socks.

Shirt – even if you have the items above already, at least make the effort and get a new shirt, something nice fitting that you can wear tucked in or out. Go for something nice and classy.  Maybe give your comfort zone a push and go for something you wouldn’t normally wear. I like an easy iron 100% cotton shirt, but don’t be afraid of a cotton rich / polyester shirt. What I mean about cotton rich is that it has more cotton than polyester. Cotton rich shirts are very easy to iron.

Sports coat – again depending on where you are going, a sports coat can be a nice addition to your outfit. Please don’t wear an old suit jacket, she will notice.

With the above advice I can’t promise the final outcome of the date but you sure will look the part during the date.

Send me some pictures of when you are out shopping at my facebook page and I will send you my feedback.

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