Alternatives to jeans

Alternatives to jeans

Look, when it’s hot outside we all love to channel Tom Cruise in Risky Business and get around pantless. But when you underwear and socks just don’t cut it, we’ve got some pants ideas to keep you cool and stylish (that aren’t jeans either!).


Our personal favourite, chinos are made for work to weekends and are the perfect balance between polished and casual. When buying chinos, here are a few things to look for:

  • Ensure they are a 97% cotton and 3% elastane blend so they’re cool but stretchy.
  • Buy a slim fit style- baggy chinos look like something out of a 90’s rap video.

Style wise, pair beige chinos with a navy blazer and lighter blue patterned shirt for work, complete with chestnut brogues and an orange pocket square for the bolder gent.

Weekends require a simple white tee, chinos cuffed at the ankle and boat shoes. Done.

Tropical Wool Trousers

When you first say the sentence; ‘tropical wool trousers’ sounds like just as much as a paradox as ‘friendly venomous spiders.’ But trust us, these trousers are most definitely light and cool despite the wool fabrication (and most definitely not venomous). When buying your tropical wool trousers, keep in mind:

  • The right kind of wool- anything between super 120 and super 150 is light and cool
  • A slim, tapered fit. This style allows you to dress them up with ease.

We favour darker colours when it comes to these kinds of trousers, so think deep khaki and navy tones. Perfect for work and after hours functions, they can be styled up with a mottled blue-grey blazer, brown belt (that matches your brogues) a light blue shirt and a skinny charcoal tie.

Linen Pants

The go-to for warmer weather, linen pants signify yachts, Italian villas and glasses of crisp white wine. These pants are your one-way ticket to remaining stylish during the warmer weather, but will crease easily, so they lend themselves to more casual attired rather than formal.

When buying your line pants, consider:

  • The style: Linen pants are made from a softer fabric so they will look baggier whether you like it or not. It’s imperative that you choose a tapered fit so they retain some kind of structure and shape
  • Darker colours work better, they’re easier to style up and form a good base for your outfit.

Got a smart casual affair this weekend? Think blue-grey linen pants cuffed at the ankles, paired with a cream polo, chestnut boat shoes and a matching belt. Easy.

If you need to dress up the look, a salmon colored linen blazer and a crisp white shirt unbuttoned at the collar is style- go-to.

Summer look with navy linen trousers. #stevecalder #calderstyle

A photo posted by Steve Calder (@stevecalder) on Jan 13, 2016 at 8:11pm PST

Causal Joggers

Whether you call them casual joggers, sweat pants or “my Sunday sitting in front of Netflix” pants, this style of trousers is made for weekends. We’re a fan of:

  • A cotton fabrication that is cool and casual
  • A style that is baggier around the crotch and tapered at the ankles
  • An elasticised drawstring waist that you can let out as the day goes on.

You may not want to leave the house on the weekend, but if you find yourself in need for more food or a coffee date you can’t escape, chuck on these pants with a white tee and low-line lace up shoes– it will look like you put a lot of effort into styling yourself.

For something a little dressier, add a navy polo (patterned with a mini-geo print and buttoned at the collar) to a mid-khaki pant and low-line lace up shoes. Comfort has never been so stylish.

We’ve got pants for days! Check the range here.

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