Adding a touch of colour

It’s that beautiful time of year when the sun shines for longer, the days are warmer and the we’re trading red wine for cold frosty beers. As we unravel our scarves and step out into the light, it’s time do the same with your wardrobe. Embrace the joys of Spring by adding a pop of colour to your look, readying yourself for race-day and awkward Christmas parties.

The pocket square

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The humble pocket square has long been associated with wooden clad cigar bars and gentleman who have a season pass to the opera. However in the age of smart-casual dressing, the pocket square can take your outfit to new heights by simply adding a touch of colour.  We recommend adding a pocket square to your race day ensemble, embracing the heritage of the racing season. Pocket squares are perfect for first date attire, demonstrating an appreciation for the finer details and showing your date that you’re a man who cares about the little things. With the ability to be folded and styled a million different ways, pocket squares are our top pick of style colour additives.

The tie

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As men we’ve all received that loud, ‘quirky’ patterned tie from work colleagues, father’s day stalls and well-meaning aunts. We love Bugs Bunny as much as the next person, but this cheeky cartoon character has no place on a tie. When adding a colourful tie to you look, opt for more refined geometric patterns that work with your corporate attire. You can also mix up the look by taking the time to explore different knot types other than the tired and true Windsor knot. Feel free to play around with different blade widths, choosing a skinnier tie for after-hours events.

A patterned shirt

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There are obvious do’s and don’ts when it comes to owning and wearing a patterned shirt. Note that Hawaiian shirts are only suitable for ironic pool parties where the punch is flowing and NOT for family BBQ’s or general weekend wear. When choosing a patterned shirt, make it a reflection of the man you are. If you’re the kind of guy who has his socks colour coded in your top drawer, go for a mini geometric pattern that will tie in with your business look. However if you’re the kind of man that is always up for karaoke and doesn’t own a single pair of matching socks, don’t be afraid to go for louder patterns that are bold and bright. They look great with a casual pair of chinos on the weekend and can be paired back with a charcoal blazer for work.

Lapel pins

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You may have noticed that lapel pins are coming back in a big way. These days they’re more than a signature button pin, with style forerunners exploring the use of feathers, shapes and images. A quirky and playful option, these crafty lapel pins are a great point of interest and conversation starter, so you’ll always have a something to talk about around the water cooler.


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More than just a piece of leather to hold up your pants and undo after a big meal, belts can be stylish as well as functional. We love coloured woven belts as an easy way to add a touch of colour to any look. When paired with a tonal two-piece suit, a coloured belt challenges the norm of corporate dressing. They can also be styled with chino shorts on the weekend for a preppy look that implies you’re going to drink Moët on you yacht.

A blazer

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The grand-daddy of style essentials, the blazer is a staple for work, after work, weekends and meeting your date’s parents. Amp up this key piece by choosing a coloured blazer that screams warm weather polish. We advise keeping it simple with a single breasted design and opting for a lightweight fabric like linen or cotton. This will add a relaxed yet smart appeal to your style, ensuring you’re reading for champagne by the ocean as well as beers on the balcony.

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