A men’s guide to hats at the races

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you just need a little more, that extra something? A little extra salt on your food? A different tread on your tyres? A coloured tie for your suit? Racing season is the ultimate time of the year to take advantage of ‘a little bit more.’ With champagne flowing and horses parading, your normal styling will need an extra kick. Pocket squares and ties are a great start, but hats will deliver that panache you need at the trackside. Here’s how to wear them and what to look for.


Sported by the likes of Al Capone and the cast of The Godfather, the trilby hat is synonymous with a classic, dapper menswear look. The beauty of the trilby hat is its ability to effortlessly dress up any look, turning boys to men and guys to gentlemen.

When it comes to race day, trilby hats are best suited to classic suiting styles. They match perfectly with charcoal and black suits that are paired with understated shirts and refined silk pocket squares. Think classic 1920’s aesthetic when finishing off your race day look with a trilby hat. Opting for a timeless charcoal or black felt trilby with a grosgrain ribbon trim is a sharp and stylish style that will slice through the crowds.

Modern trilby hats look great in a paper straw weave with a striped ribbon trim to the crown. You don’t want to look too beachy, to opt for a darker weave with a gloss finish, adding that extra touch of polish to your look.


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The fedora is an iconic men’s hat that turns up year round, from street-style Instagrams to Pharell’s foray into red carpet headwear. Versatile and easy to wear, fedoras are halfway between casual and sharp, paralleling how we all feel after the third champagne on race day.

Choosing a race day fedora can be a slightly overwhelming experience due to the range of styles out there. If you’re opting for a classic felt style, stick to neutral colours such as taupe and beige, black is too heavy for the races and will make you look like Clint Eastwood in a saloon. If you want to personalise your look, fedoras are the prime candidate for adding a feather, a hat pin or a brooch to the side crown.

For something slightly more bold and fresh, a steely blue toned fedora will look sharp when paired with a blue suit, white shirt and a red tie or pocket square. For an ultra-contemporary style, look for perforated felt fedora, the perforated detailing is a modern and refined feature with a subtle industrial inspired edge.

Boater hat

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Spring race styling wouldn’t be complete without boater hats. Adding a playful charm to your race day look, boater hats are the perfect accompaniment for preppy ensembles as well as adding a subtle vintage appeal to more formal looks.

If you’ve opted for a light blue suit with a patterned shirt, a lightly toned boater hat with a striped band to the crown should be your top pick. This is a quirky option that can be topped off with a brightly patterned floral tie or pocket square.

Preppier race day looks should be finished with a darker toned boater hat complete with a navy grosgrain band. Pairing this hat with beige chinos, a deep navy blazer and white shirt can only be bettered with a red carnation lapel pin.

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