9 tips on Buying a Dinner Suit

9 tips on Buying a Dinner Suit

9 tips on Buying a Dinner Suit

A Dinner Suit is something you will use very rarely but is always handy to have if your social life / work life gets you invited to many formal events requiring a dinner Suit.


Here are my 9 tips on buying a Dinner Suits

  1. If you are not going to go to many formal functions and this is just a one off. Then DON’T buy a dinner suit. It will be a waste of money and you will regret the purchase, buy a plain black dinner suit and use tips below. You can at least use the plain black dinner suit for other occasions including work.
  2. Like a suit jacket make sure you are comfortable in the jacket, you will probably be wearing the jacket most of the evening, look for a satin trim on the lapel. You can go for a notch lapel or a shaw lapel.
  3. Make sure the buttons on the jacket and the sleeves are covered in the same satin trim that is used on the lapel. Don’t buy a dinner jacket that has just basic plain black buttons. If you are going to go the effort you might as well get everything properly
  4. Try the jacket on with a wing collared shirt and a bowtie. Some guys hate wearing normal ties, never mind a wing collared shirt and bow tie. make sure you comfortable with it all on.
  5. Don’t be worried about wearing a bowtie that is a clip on, it is easier and your bow tie will look smart consistently over the night. You can get a tie your own, but trust me they are a pain in the backside to learn.
  6. To look a little different you can buy a bowtie that is matching your partners outfit, even go one step further and get a matching hanky. This will get you away for the traditional black bowtie and it will look like you and your partner coordinated well.
  7. The trousers should be loop less ( no belt loops ) and have adjustable waist. So you don’t wear a belt. With the adjustable waist it can be very handy as you can let it out if your weight changes one way or the other.
  8. Finally the satin trim on the trousers. There are good reasons to have a dinner suit trouser with the satin trim and not. I personally like the satin trim as it makes the outfit whole and ties in with the satin trim from the lapel, buttons and trousers together. Also a dinner suit trousers without the satin trim means you can wear the trousers on other occasions. So depending on your needs you can decide what you prefer.
  9. If you wish to go that one step further you can make the dinner suit outfit into a three piece suit by adding a vest. You will definitely get some compliments, you will look unique and when you take your jacket off you will still look smart.

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