50 shades of blue

50 shades of blue

The modern man’s staple, blue suits are here to stay. Perfect for work, getting hitched and dissembling for a weekend spent on the harbour, here are the essential shades of blue that should fill your wardrobe.

Deep navy Deep Navy

The colour of the sapphire worn by Rose in Titanic, navy blue is a gentleman’s colour and connotes old world class. It’s perfect for work and business dinners.

  • Pair it with a crisp white shirt
  • Get deep with dark leather brogues
  • Make it pop with a bright red skinny tie


Light blue Yale

This is the preppier side of blue, so think Yale, sailing on the weekend and polo club. This kind of blue lends itself to warm weather styling and is great when it comes to dissembling your blue suit.

  • Burnt orange chinos and boat shoes go hand I hand with a light blue suit jacket
  • A darker tie will make your jacket pop when worn with white pants
  • Finish the look with a straw fedora


Yves Klein Blue Yves Klein Blue

If you can only handle one shade of blue, make it this one. A mid-blue, this suit should be finished with a slight sheen and is the suit you see men wearing to work and at weddings. It’s edgy, cool, smart and damn fine.

  • Wedding day? A yellow floral pin with make this suit sing.
  • Keep it tonal with a light blue gingham shirt on your way to work.
  • Say hello to accessories in orange, burgundy and plum.


Cerulean Cerulean 1

It looks as poetic as it sounds. Cerulean errs towards teal, so it’s a colour meant for men with a bolder style. This is one for spring or autumn races, Christmas parties and any other event where the champagne is flowing.

  • A double breasted cerulean suit? Finish it off with a black fedora and overcoat for autumn racing season.
  • Tone it down with taupe chinos and dark brown dress shoes
  • Keep it fresh with a white shirt and burnt orange tie.


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