5 of H+Co’s favourite Father’s Day gifts

5 of H+Co’s favourite Father’s Day gifts


If you’re a dad, you might want to add these items to your wish list for Father’s Day. If you’re looking for a present for your dad or for the father of your children, I thought I’d offer you some helpful inspiration with these five great gift ideas.


toys-375279_1280_pixabay toy car

A wheel steal

So maybe you aspire to a real Ferrari or another dream car … in the meantime, why not have some fun with a radio-control toy version? It’ll certainly be easier on the bank account. Yeah, we know you’re a grown-up now, but what guy doesn’t want to channel his inner race-car driver once in a while with some speedy spins around the driveway or down the footpath?  Plus, if you get it from your kids, it’s something you can do together. They’ll have fun playing with it – and you – too. For a pretty cool selection, visit RC Hobbies.


Go fore it!

I know … golf is one of those Father’s Day themes that’s been done to death, but for good reason. For men who truly love golf (and I’m one of them), it’s not just a hobby or a passion – it’s a lifestyle. So if you’ve got a golfer in your life, you’ve always got a go-to gift idea. Most golfers, for example, have a ball they prefer – I like the Titleist ProV range – and a dozen of their favourites will never go unappreciated, especially if they have a tendency to hit into the water!

Prefer to give them a golfing experience to remember rather than an accessory? Help them brush up on their game and lower their handicap with a golf lesson, or treat them to a round at their favourite course.

balloon-83092_1280_pixabay red balloon

Experience RedBalloon

Speaking of experience gifts, as I’ve said before, we at H+Co love ‘em as an alternative to giving more stuff – especially for the guy who has everything. RedBalloon, a company dedicated to gift experiences – offers a virtual treasure trove of options, with categories including adventure sports, getaways, outdoor activities, driving or flying experiences, gourmet outings, and more.

itunes gift cardGoogle Play Store

I vouch for Apple and Android vouchers

Some might say that buying a voucher – even if it is for an experience through a company like RedBalloon – is taking the easy way out of gift giving, but I think vouchers are great. They give the gift recipient freedom of choice – and with vouchers to the iTunes store or the Google Play store, there’s so much choice. Plus, the giver also has a choice of how much value to put on the card, so vouchers can suit any budget. Your dad or husband will be able to get the latest bestseller for his iPad or tablet (great for that commute to and from work), download some music for his smartphone, or purchase a movie or episodes of his favourite TV show. (Might I recommend seasons one through four of Suits?)


Think cufflinks

Ahhh … the humble cufflink. Some think cufflinks are outdated, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Old school, yes. Outdated, no. And I wouldn’t be living up to my ‘old-school service’ philosophy if I didn’t tout this classic accessory as a must-have Father’s Day staple.

Cufflinks make a man look like he knows what he’s doing when it comes to dressing (even if his wife dressed him!). They make him look well put-together and indicate that he cares about the details.

Also, cufflinks are a great way for men to accessorise without being too flashy – the way men’s jewellery can sometimes be. They’re a great all-round accessory, whether you’re wearing them on dates, for job interviews or work, or on special occasions.

If you’re already a cufflink fan, Father’s Day’s a great time to add to your collection. For example, I know a guy that gets a pair of cufflinks from every country he visits. Cool idea. If you don’t want to travel far and wide, check out the styles we have close to home. Or go for something monogrammed or related to his hobby. (I think I feel another golf idea coming on.)

Cheers for reading. H

What do you want for Father’s Day?

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