5 key style lessons from Suits

5 key style lessons from Suits

The most important lesson we can learn from hit TV show Suits is the need to dress for success. As Harvey tells his assistant in the first episode; “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not, this is what you have to do.” With influences from Steve McQueen and Tom Ford, Spector may dress conservatively, but he knows the importance of getting it right. Get these 5 key style lessons down to harness Spector’s style:

1. Master the basics.

The basics matter. Harvey Specter isn’t necessarily that stylish or creative in his suit choices, perhaps due to the conservative nature of his career as a high profile lawyer. He does however, know the importance of a well cut suit, good fabrics and the right colour palette for the right occasion. Remember, even the simplest suit will look impressive if the fit is on point.

2. Know your fabrics.

Choosing the right fabric is essential. Hard wearing fabrics such as a bird’s eye or herringbone weave are more durable and will be long-lasting. Also when choosing a suit, consider the fabric makeup. 100% wool will be warm and durable. Merino wool is softer and more flexible, with a natural resistance to wrinkles, like our range of Gibson suits.

Other quality suits are made from wool blended with silk, mohair, linen and lycra. Silk blends are softer and breathable, giving your suit a shine and lustre for a more luxe, evening style. You might even want silk lapels which can be worn in the evenings.

Mohair is breathable and durable. Linen is also breathable, and is perfect for warmer months. It has a natural crease, which can make it look more casual. Lycra blends are great for the constant traveler, as they respond best to creasing and wear on airplanes.

3. Keep it simple.

A conservative suit that is nicely tailored is better than a loud suit or tie that is poorly tailored and cut. Go for a bold tie that isn’t too crazy, like this. But don’t go too loud; remember, a tie can make or break your suit.

4. It’s all in the details.

As well as getting the fabric right, the cuts are also important. Spector wears a lot of peak lapels, which broaden the shoulders to make you look more dominant. Slim pants make the top half look bigger (but you still need to be able to walk!).

5. Accessorise like a boss.

A good quality pocket square can add the finishing touches to your outfit like the bow on a birthday present. Quality cufflinks are also a nice touch to show the world that you take that extra amount of thoughtfulness in your presentation. Luckily it’s easy to use the suit as your staple and then you can either tone down the suit or make it bolder with your tie. Similarly, you can take your suit to evening by wearing a tie that has more shine. See more on accessories here.

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