5 essential wardrobe investments you need now

5 essential wardrobe investments you need now

The days are getting longer but winter isn’t over yet, and lucky for you, wardrobe staples are now on sale. These 5 essential items will stand the test of time and last season after season without looking dated.

1. Coats

A coat is always a good investment. A good quality coat won’t date unless the style is quite unique. Choose neutral colours for a coat, such as blue, grey or black, as you will want to mix and match with different pant styles and shirts or t-shirts.

2. Quality shirts

You can never go wrong with a wide variety of good quality work shirts for all seasons. If you wear a work shirt every day, you need at least 10 shirts. This means you don’t need to do washing for two weeks and you can either get them dry cleaned or do it yourself all at the same time. You’ll also want to match different colours with different ties or suits so it helps to have a range of colours and styles. Luckily shirts are on sale at the moment.

3. Good quality suit

Every man needs a suit at some point in his life. Some of us need a suit every day. When the occasion calls, it’s good to have a good quality, well-fitting suit ready. It can take time to find a suit that fits your body type, so prepare in advance. Slim-cut suit styles like this are flattering to most body types.

4. Casual pants

Chinos are a great option, as depending on fabrics, they can be lighter than jeans. This means that they are perfect for those trans-seasonal weeks just before winter. They can be paired with a heavier jacket if necessary and a scarf. Layering is your friend in autumn and spring. For a staple, buy a neutral colour like khaki or beige. But chinos are great in that you can buy any colour and they still look great. If you buy a bright colour you can tone it down with a muted colour on top. Check out these chinos on sale now.

5. Travel Bag

A good quality travel bag is great, as it can be worn every day, or just every now and then, for those work trips. You want something in a solid colour like black or brown, and preferably in leather to allow for some weather protection for your valuables as well as durability. Look for one with multiple attachable strap variations like this so you can take it from the airport to the gym. Travel bags and suitcases can also be claimed as a tax offset so it is definitely worthwhile investing.

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