4 ways to tie a scarf

As the mornings are getting chilly I thought I would show you a few ways on how to tie a scarf. Scarves for men are a great fashion accessory as they come in different colours and fabrics. A part from being a fashion accessory they will keep you neck and chest warm on those chilly days.

Don’t be shy on getting a few scarves to go with a few outfits. Like the pocket hank, men are starting to accessorize their work outfits. You can match the scarf to your suit, shirt or tie. There are also the basic Black, Navy and Grey scarves that are very versatile and you can wear with any outfit.

If you are not wearing a suit and just a jacket or a shirt, you can still wear a scarf to keep you warm and look a little different. I find certain fabrics in scarves a little irritating under the chin so make sure you go with a fabric that suits you and is comfortable.

I recommend either a pure wool scarf or a cotton scarf.

The 4 scarves techniques I am going to show you are the

The Modern one Loop

  1. The Quick Toss
  2. The European Loop
  3. The Braid

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