4 ways to alter your shirt

One of the biggest frustrations I hear is that customers are used to certain fitting shirts and
they get very frustrated when trying on different brands as different brands have different fits.
Whether you buy your shirts online or in a store here are a few tips so you can get the right
fitting shirt for you.

1 – If the collar size is important to you, make sure you get the right collar size and if the shirt
body is too baggy you can take it in on the side seams. Any good tailor can do that for you.
Alternatively if the shirt collar is perfect and the body is too tight, check to see if there are side
seams on the back of the shirt, if there are you can always let them out giving you another few
cm’s on the body.

2 – Don’t be deterred by the word slim fit or body fit. Just go up a size. So if you are a Size
Medium in regular fitting shirt, then go up to Large in a slim fit. If you are a size 40 cm collar in
regular fit then try a 41cm in slim fit.

3 – Found the perfect fitting shirt but the sleeves are too long, this is the most common
frustration. Not every brand offers fractional sleeve lengths so if you do need the sleeves
shortened, any good tailor can do it. It may cost you a bit but if you really like the shirt then at
least you will get the sleeve length correct. Alternatively you can buy Arm bands.

4 – If the body and sleeve length are perfect but the collar is too tight, you can always move the
collar button to the furthest point, you will get about 1 cm, so hopefully that will be enough.
For any shirt alterations we recommend Helen, from Alteration City.
You can find her on 02 9235 2378

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