3 ways to fold a pocket hanky

 Accessorising for men has become more and more popular with shows like “Mad Men” and “Suits”. I am going to show you how to unpick your breast pocket and 3 ways to fold a pocket square (aka hank). You can use the pocket hank as an alternative to wearing a tie. ( depending on the event of course ) or you can match it with your tie and cufflinks.

To unpick the breast pocket you need to get hold of a pocket picker, you can pick these up at Coles or Woolies or even an alteration store.

Now open your breast pocket, you will see one loose thread. Unpick that one and just work your way to the other end. You can then remove all the loose thread slowly.

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The three ways we are going to go through are below

1 – The Square fold – The easiest and the most popular way ( Harvey in Suits uses this method) it is just a simple square or rectangle. Make sure you have the width of your breast pocket similar to the width of the hanky fold. You can also attach a pin to it ( from the inside) , to keep it in place

2 – One Point Fold – This is the opposite to the Square fold and you will have a nice pointy hanky sticking out of your pocket with this method. This is a nice effect to have if you have a hanky with a few colours. Turn the hanky on its side like a diamond. Fold all the corners to the centre and fold in half. Put it in your pocket with the point sticking out.

3 – The Puff Fold – If you have ever watched a magician doing a magic trick, this reminds me of that. Grab the hanky from the centre and pull it through your fingers ( look at the picture below ). Again if you have loads of colours in the hank this is a nice way to show it off.


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