3 Looks you can wear with a Sports Coat

3 Looks you can wear with a Sports Coat

Versatility in an outfit is great so your outfit becomes cost effect and used for different events. A Sports coat is a great example of that. Sports coats used to have a very old fashion image linked to it, but with jackets becoming slimmer and great colours available it has added another item in your wardrobe that can be used for many events.

The Smart Event – There are many functions that ask you to dress formal but you may not want to wear a Suit. Using a Sports coat can give you that formal look without you wearing a Suit that you have worn to work I suggest a dark coloured jacket with a slightly lighter trouser. A nice contrast is a good look. You can wear brown shoes and brown belt. White Shirt and a Tie is probably the go as you will have a bit going on with the Trousers and Jacket.

After Work Drinks – The after works drinks on a Friday with Jeans is where the Sports coat has been revived. A nice blue or light charcoal colour would look ideal with Jeans and a plain shirt. Even jazz it up a bit with a pocket hank.

The Casual Function – If you are going to a function but you are not wearing a suit, you can wear a sports coat with some nice tan or beige trousers, making a stronger contrast between both. Brown shoes are very strong at the moment so you can wear brown shoes. You can pick a shirt that you can wear open collared with a trim on the inside of the collar and cuff. This will break up your outfit and you can even match a pocket hank to it.


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