3 different types of shirt cuffs

3 different types of shirt cuffs

There are many types of Shirt cuff and I am sure many more will be invented in the future. I will go through three types of shirt cuffs we carry in our store and explain how you should look after them also.


Single Cuff​ ­  –  the old favourite is the single cuff. It has a single button and is a shirt you should be very familiar with. When you iron the sleeves you don’t need to iron the cuff, just go up to the cuff line. This will stop burning at the edge of your cuffs and make your shirts last longer.


 Double Cuff​ ­  –  also known as the French Cuff. The Double cuff is for the guy who wants to jazz up his outfit and accessorize with cufflinks. Make sure the length of the sleeve is about 1 cm bigger than your suit jacket so you can see the cuff and more importantly the cufflink.

When ironing the sleeve you can straighten out the cuff and iron it flat. If you leave it flat in your wardrobe then only fold it when you are ready to put the shirt on. If you fold it and iron the fold you will end up burning the edge of the fold and ruining your shirt.


Duo Cuff ​­ –  Many of you may have noticed another button on a single cuff shirt on the inside. Geoffrey Beene shirts use this little feature very regularly. I call it a Duo cuff. You can wear it as a single cuff shirt, but also you can open it out and put cufflinks in it. Pretty handy as you don’t have to buy two types of shirts. Care for it just the same as a Single Cuff Shirt.



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